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انگلش نیوز

Charsadda (Sapeher Times): Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Charsadda Aided by Nazish Shahzadi.


Meeting and holding meetings with the ladies constables of the district.

Charsadda (Crime Reporter) Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Nazish Shahzadi held a meeting with the ladies police officers of Charsadda. On this occasion, there was a detailed discussion about the difficulties, problems of ladies police officers and mutual cooperation between male police officers.

ASP Nazish Shahzadi assured women police officers of their support for professional development and a peaceful work environment. He said that ladies police officers have an important role to play in maintaining law and order in our society, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by ladies police in various issues in the field. In this regard, the Police Department reiterates its commitment to promote an inclusive, clean and professional environment for all Ladies Police Officers.

Charsada Lady Police Officers expressed their full confidence in Madam Nazish Shahzai’s leadership and thanked her for her hard work and support in empowering and empowering the Lady Police Officers.