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Islamabad (Sapeher Times) Islamia University Bahawalpur Scandal.

The Vice-Chancellor was forced to retire. On the instructions of the Prime Minister, the governor of Punjab rejected the summary of job extension. While the stories of corruption have come to the fore, in the name of development, billions of rupees were defrauded by using the name of the Governor of Punjab, the famous fraudster Waseem Qureshi took work worth 32 crores from the current VC, whose bills were done immediately without the recommendation of the Governor. The work was also given to Waseem Qureshi according to PEPRA rule such air condition should be taken from the direct company. The current VC gave this work to Waseem Qureshi in favor of the Governor which is a violation of PEPRA rule. The presence of drugs has been reported in 9M&R Malik Manzoor Former SDO Asif Shehzad Qureshi PD Farrokh Nazir Bukhari Electrical SDO whose matriculation certificate is also fake Farrokh Nazir Bukhari was a clerk in the corruption of Rs.
Madam Farkhanda Tabasim, former director of state affairs, current director of P&D gave 40 crores advance to the contractor company on BTmod contract, that company ran away with 40 crore rupees without working, madam Farkhanda and VC were given twenty crore rupees. It happened for the first time that a bill of crores of rupees was given by renting a computer. Rizwan Majeed was also in Khawaja Farid University with the VC. The VC brought him with him to Bahawalpur. Dr. Abu Bakr has replaced the treasurer. Now Rizwan Majeed has been appointed as the treasurer. Dar director of the school has also made corruption of crores of rupees from this overflowing Ganga. The beloved VC, Umair Ashraf Abdul Samad Rizwan Majeed and Bilal Irshad bankrupted Rahim Yar Khan Khawaja Farid University and now Islamia University is also bankrupt. Potatoes are sitting on every branch. What will be the end of Golestan? Both PRs worried about Khalid Shahzad and Waseem Vice-Chancellor, the distribution of billions of funds from favored contractors was done through Waseem, while the funds for jobs and advertising work were the responsibility of Khalid Shahzad, a retired transport in-charge alleged in his video statement. That he himself came forward to the vice-chancellor to inform the vice-chancellor about the blackmailing of female students and PRA Wasim and Khalid Shahzad Mubasher and other officials in the university that there is a problem in the environment of the university at that time, but because the vice-chancellor himself was a party, no action will be taken. It has also been told that Khalid Shahzad CollegeIt has also been found that the gatehouses of this university were mostly used by outsiders and they both played an important role in recruitment and recruitment of jobs.
From the VC to all the involved entities whose assets are in billions, the investigation has started. The assets of the VC have increased three times. Punjab has widened the scope of the investigation and issued orders to bring the accused persons under legal custody, and the VC was ordered to drop the charges immediately. He has been given a free hand and ordered not to pardon the perpetrators of the crime under any circumstances. It is also known that there is a request for a report on the basis of the daily, in the light of which the action is ongoing. After the departure of the VC, more sensational revelations are expected