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انگلش نیوز کرائم

Tangwani (Sapeher Times) Kidnapping of children in Kashmore district could not stop.

Kidnapping of children in Kashmore district could not stop. In the past few months, 06 children including a four-year-old girl were kidnapped from Kandhkot area. The incidents have become a daily routine. Two months ago, the infant Azim Manik, who was abducted from the limits of Rasaldar police station, was rescued despite the police’s efforts.
The family members are in grief at the separation of their loved ones. Despite this, they could not free him from the clutches of the police. Sadaqat Hajato was kidnapped by the Kodaks while playing outside the house, for his recovery, Warisha protested in front of the SSP office holding Holy Quran in his hands. Unknown armed persons took the car hostage at gunpoint and kidnapped the innocent child Jaideep Kumar along with Miki Jagdish Kumar and fled to Gublu Kacha area. So far, the police administration has not been able to rescue them from the clutches of the dacoits. Yesterday, unknown persons, unknown 03 motorcycle-riding armed persons from Gulshir Mohalla kidnapped Alishba Chana at gunpoint and easily took her to the police picket cross. The police arrived at the destination, the police administration looks helpless in front of the police officers. The limits of Ghoshpur police station, unknown armed men kidnapped Maqbool Hussain Mirani at gunpoint from the boundaries of Ghoshpur police station. has failed to free them from the clutches of the dacoits.