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Charsadda (Sapeher Times) : Charsadda: DPO Charsadda Muhammad Arif conducts weekly orderly room in the office*

In the light of the ongoing orders of Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Akhtar Hayat Gandapur, District Police Officer Muhammad Arif organized an orderly room to solve the problems faced by the policemen.

Recognizing the importance of a conducive and supportive work environment for the welfare and effectiveness of the police force, DPO Charsadda showed genuine interest in listening carefully to the issues and suggestions of the police personnel in the orderly room and understanding the problems and challenges.

DPO Charsadda Mohammad Arif said that it is very important to ensure the safety of the police force, efforts will be made to provide opportunities for professional development and development within the police department. Building strong relationships between the police and the public they serve is essential to effective law enforcement.

DPO Mohammad Arif assured the policemen that the problems faced by them will be taken seriously. Charsadda Police Department is committed to promoting a positive and conducive work environment.

He added that Manti Khair Ordali Room plays an important role in strengthening the relationship between the police department’s leadership and its dedicated personnel. By encouraging cooperation and open communication, the Charsadda Police Department aims to create an even more effective and compassionate law enforcement force.